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Make a mask & Wear a mask!

Katarzyna Dorota Gielnik Katarzyna Dorota Gielnik  •  04-01-2021  •  Stop corona forslag  • 

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Kære Århus!

The two Århus based artists decided to use their endless creative energy to help the youth protect themselves from the virus! We will use art as a tool for promotion of a safe practices among people.

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Our idea is for everybody! We are open-minded and there is room for absolutely everyone!

Our goal is to use fabrics to create unique and outstanding face masks, which will not only prevent the spread of the virus but also will be a great occasion to learn something about sewing and create some unique items. We believe that it will promote wearing a mask among citizens of Århus, the young one and this who wants to express themselves through wearing a unique artsy protective gear!

Lokation: Cafe Mellemfolk

Oprettet på vegne af: LåB art, K. D. Gielnik

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